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Chef d'ALOE is a company that was born with the aim of publicizing the benefits and virtues that aloe vera has for the human body. Our business philosophy is to develop biological and health food by hand, using as main ingredient aloe vera.

After studying the plant Aloe Vera (climatic requirements, cropping system, soil needs, water and nutrition) we decided to make our first plantation. The next step was to study the Aloe as foodstuff and after three years of research, we launched our products.

To meet the expectations of our customers and anticipate the market trend towards healthy and diet focused. To research and innovate new products for the market to offering new eating experiences to our clients. To offer excellent natural products made with high quality Aloe Vera .

Our mission is trying to improve the health and wellbeing of our consumers, by offering a variety of nutritionally healthy products to meet their tastes, needs and expectations.

Being a leading company and innovator in the food industry, offering a variety of nutritionally healthy products in order to meet the tastes, needs and expectations of our consumers.

We guarantee: The quality and composition of our food, produced in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements in force. The continuous innovation of production processes to further improve our products.
The promotion of effective communication about our product, both to our customers and staff.

Our customers say

What exciting healthy and tasty products you have produced. Good luck in your new venture.

Rosemary Millar

Good healthy, tasty products, beautifully packaged.

Susan & Denis Madgwick

Congratulations and good luck !!!

Maria Esther Figaro